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    Trying to Remote Baseload a System by using 2 Stage Boot and GRT process


      Hi Experts,


      I have been trying to baseload a machine with a Custom OS using GRT and 2 Stage Boot Tool.


      In the 2 stage boot, i am able to create the ifast.iso with the network drive option and also have the 2nd image file (4 GB in size) shared on a network drive which is accessible by the system to be baseloaded.


      When i tried sending the GRT command with the ifast.iso, i was able to boot the system with the Linux iso and also the second image started getting copied from the network share. But it got abruptly terminated when it had copied only 476MB of data with a message saying it is out of memory but actually the hard disk does have more than 100GB of free space.


      Could you please let me know if there is something specific that i have to do here that i am missing. Any virutal memory issue?