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    Remote reboot PXE boot HP 8200 elite SSF




      i have recently started working with intel AMT, and i injoy it very much, how ever i ran into a problem with the remote PXE boot option from the commander tool.

      i have no issue taking over the controls of the machine, but when i want to do a remote reboot to PXE boot it displays NON-System disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready

      HP 8100 elite SSF dont have this issue


      i just flash the bios in hopes that if will fix this issue, but still no luck


      if i use the local computer, keyboard and screen i can use F12 to do a network boot and that works, as it is suppose to.


      any idea what i configured wrong?


      best reguard

      Martin Månsson

      Univerversity library of southern denmark