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    Lag and short connectivity


      I have recently started having problems getting my computer to connect to my WiDi adapter.


      I have the Belkin Screencast adapter, a Dell computer with windows 7 home.


      When it does connect it gets real lagy and then work for a second then lag again. Then a few minutes later they both disconnect and when i reconnect it happens all over again,





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          Thanks for the question.


          Can you tell me what else is going on your computer at the time? Have you tried watching the same thing from just the laptop? Do you see any lag when just on the laptop? Do you have any other applications open while trying to do this? Can you provide me with some of your computers specifications?





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            If i watch on my laptop everything is fine. Theres no lag on my laptop itself. Ive lately have had windows task manger open watching looking at the network tab and watching the link speed and Network Utilization drop tremondsly when it lags. I have a Dell xps 17 with windows 7 home premium. i7 core processor 6gb of ram.