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    HD3000 graphics not outputting higher than 1024x768 on vga 22 1650x1050 screen


      Ive got a K53E asus with a new 2nd gen core i7 processor with the new HD3000 igp.


      Last night when I hooked it up to my old 22in 1650x1050 I thought after getting ride of my desktop I could use this display again. Seems I was wrong. Firstly, in Windows 7 Pro using the Stadard VGA Adapter before installing intels driver, I was able to choose a multitude of display resolutions. 1600x1200 (though I couldnt find my native of 1650x1050), 1920x1080, 800x600 etc. Then I thought, hmm the reason I dont have the external display on native is I didnt install intels drivers.


      Installed the driver, checked my new resolutions after restart, now I have two options, 800x600 and 1024xXXX (cant remember now this morning, guessed 768) on the external. The LED laptop screen goes to 1366x768 though, higher than my 1650x1050 extenal monitor. Looked all over the internet and found a couple similar issues but no fixes. I tried changing the monitor driver to different ones and no go. Seems the issue is with the Intel HD3000 graphics driver (as time permits Ill try different versions).


      Looked in the graphics driver settings in Intels Program and its the same two choices there too.


      Id really like to use the 16x10 external moniter and it worked fine before with my old desktop. I do hope that Intel can acknoledge this problem and work on an update.

      If anyone knows how I can edit the driver files to get different display resolutions do tell.