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      please help me

      GOOD YEAR-


      MY main board dont work the post code is 0xE4 "Entered EFI Driver execution phase (DXE)". Please Help Me-


      Sorry for my english. Antonio.

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          Hi there,


          The Driver Execution Environment (DXE) phase is where most of the system initialization is performed on the EFI BIOS.


          First thing that i will do is to make that you have all the latest firmware revision Bios, BMC and SDR package.
          You can upgrade your firmware using the Intel Deployment Assistant CD.


          After that, i will go in the bios to check to Boot Menu Order. I will select EFI to be among the last one. Priority given to Hard disk, CD/DVD Drive etc.
          I will also go in the Advanced Menu, PCI Configuration, i will disable both onboard NIC1 Rom and NIC2 Rom as these are PXE Boot.


          Hope this may help.