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    DZ68DB and graphic cards


      I have the DZ68DB i7 - 2600 with 8 gigs ram.  Had system assembled for me.  Initially I had an HD 5750 graphic card put in. System would totally freeze after about 30 minutes. The shop said they replaced everything and then finally when trying different card, the system worked.  However, the onboard graphics did not work so I put in an older ATI 1750 card.  It worked fine until it eventually froze again.


      Is there a known issue with graphic cards.  This is my first Intel board and whether bad luck or not, I'm not liking the experience.


      I have to say that all the compenents were from my older system in which everything worked perfectly.

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          What happens if you try an Nvdia based card?  Also, what do you mean by "the onboard graphics did not work"?


          Have you tried the card in both slots?

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            I havn't tried both slots.  I don't have Nvidia cards, so that isn't an option. As for onboard not working. I had no signal to the monitor.  I talked with the shop again and they are going to replace MB this time.  They admitted that they didn't try onboard grahics, so maybe it isn't even set up as I was using an additional card.

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              I'd try both slots, which is something you can do yourself fairly easily.


              Also, if the system will post, go in to BIOS and make sure that the display type is set to "Auto".

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                Scott have you looked in device manager to see if there any flags on the graphics section.>>???

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                  No I didn't but good idea.

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                    Windows 7 , has a wierd thing about using un-signed drivers . Sometimes if you go to properties on the problem device and up date the driver with a signed driver it fixes the problem ,In order to get the signed driver you have to pick search on my sys for driver and NOT auto search internet , there will be a list of drivers for your hardware pick the signed one and up date , Than restart. see if problem is gone.

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                      Did you unplugg the power-cable and remove the battery for loosing the bios data?


                      I learn with this board:


                      if you have a problem or change Bios settings - its better to remove the battery and then entering your new bios settings.


                      Maybe clearing the bios help for you problem,

                      give it a try!

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                        I put the HD 5750 card into my other machine and it caused no hanging what so ever. The shop is replacing the mother board and everything else has been replaced.  It would be strange for a graphic card not to be compatible.


                        I did find the onboard graphics does work with my 20" monitor, but it won't work on my 24" graphic monitor.  I read there is a max resolution and I'm thinking my monitor's default resolution may be too high.


                        Thanks all for suggestions. I'll post back after mother board is replaced.

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                          Finally Resolved.  The new MB solved the issue. Thanks for all suggestions.  Funny, I told computer store where I get the stuff done, that it was probably the MB, but they replaced everthing but the MB first.  At least all is fixed --- a month plus later though.

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                            The saga continues.  After having MB replaced there were no issues at all....that is until I set up the 2nd mirror raid.  Then after I try to open anything after leaving it for about an hour, it freezes. The mouse will still move sometimes, but nothing is clickable any more.  If I leave the 2 drives as separates, then there is no issue at all.