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    driver update utility crashes system


      The problem started out with the constant crashes of the flash player in all browser. (I.E, firefox,chrome). I have updated all versions of my flash player after using the uninstall program, changed line commands in the regedit per suggestions from the thousands having the same problem. I have installed and uninstalled the browsers constant times. i have tried to use combinations of older versions of flash and older versions of browsers. I found a forum that suggested coming here and using the driver update utility because several people experienced the same problem I have been having and that corrected it.


      So now brings me to my current problem. I came here and tried to run the said program and it crashes my pc (desktop hp running windows 7). I tried it in firefox and i.e and both with the same result. The monitor blacks out, flickers then shuts down. Any help would be appreciated hopefully If I can figure this out I can figure out my flash player problem. Or if someone knows a fix for the flash that would be awesome. Thank you in advance for your time.