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    Blurry OpenGL rendering (newest drivers as of 1/9/2012)


      I just updated my drivers, and of course the DirectX performance has increased again, it's getting pretty impressive for an IGP. However, OpenGL seems to be suffering. So far, I've only encountered this in two games- Aquaria and RAGE, both of which use OpenGL (I think they're the only two I own that use OpenGL, the rest using DirectX). Everything rendered onscreen is blurry. In Aquaria, absolutely EVERYTHING is blurred, to the point where I can't make out anything and by luck I managed to click on the "exit game" button. In RAGE, the menus and intro cutscene is fine, everything's crisp and clean as it should be. But once I get to gameplay, everything is completely blurred, as if someone who wears a heavy glasses prescription suddenly took them off. It's near impossible to make out anything. Any suggestions for a fix? I've seen RAGE run fine on Intel HD graphics 3000 before, John Carmack himself said it would, is there something wrong with my system? Or will Intel (hopefully) just fix the problem in the next update? It's pretty irritating. I don't really care about whether or not I can play Aquaria, it was part of a Humble Indie Bundle I paid $4 for and got a bunch of other cool games that run just fine, but I just paid $30 for RAGE and really hope that I won't have to spend another $150+ on a good GPU.


      By the way: no trolling plz, this is a support forum, not a let's-hate-on-Intel-graphics-when-it's-the-only-reasonable-option-for-some-people forum (@Albrecht, I'm looking at you.)