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    i7 950 High Operating temperature


      Hi, all. I have problem with temperature on my processor (i7 950). When i start rendering process in 3ds max CPU temperature start growing and reach 92*C in less than one min. Then I decided to stop rendering process.


      I dont know is it good temperature for my CPU. What to do if answer is not?

      I'm tinking to replace my cooler with new one (Noctua NH-CP14). Is it right solution?



      I did not overclock my CPU. He is running @ 3.06GHz.

      I have latest BIOS update.



      Motherboard: ASUS P6T Deluxe V2

      Processor: Intel i7 950 @ 3.06GHz

      Memory: Kingston HyperX 6GB 1066 (3x2GB)


      Default BIOS settings:

      Frequency: 3.06GHz

      BCLK Speed: 133MHz

      Ratio Status (Min12, Max24)

      Ratio Actual: 23

      CPU Voltage is set to auto: about 1.184V



      Borko Djurovic.

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          The maximum recommended temperature for this processor is 67.9 degrees Celsius, keep in mind that this is the maximum recommended temperature for the CPU, not per core, you do not need to worry about the cores temperature, only about the CPU temperature itself.

          If the CPU temperature is 92 degrees Celsius, then I would suggest removing and reinstalling the fan/heatsink as well as the processor.

          Also try testing the processor on a 2nd supported motherboard to see if it has the same thermal behavior.

          If the same issue continues on a 2nd motherboard, then I would suggest contacting your local support center at:


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            Problem solved.



            I disabled from BIOS that OS can modify CPU speed (I dont know why is that enabled by default) - but this isn't finall solution. Temperature on CPU was about 78*C (temp. before: 91*C).

            Then I reinstalled CPU and Cooler. When I tested CPU (23min rendering in 3ds max) max CPU temperature was 63*C. I think that is all about thermal compound on CPU that I replaced.


            Thanks Adolfo.

            Borko Djurovic.

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              If your realy worried about Temp under High Load , Look at some of the H2O cooling solutions that Coursair offers . I have three different one and they all work great , My QX9650 OC to 3.8 stays at 45C under highest load , Video rendering . 130 watt CPU .More or better case fans May Help get the heat out of your Box.