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    i7-3930K Processor Max Memory Size???




      I'm preparing to build a new Video Editing Workstation (Adobe After Effects, Premeire etc). I planned on using a i7-3930K Processor (3.2GHz) and the DX79SI Motherboard. While looking at the processor specs I noticed that the Memory Specifications says " Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type) 32 GB". The motherboard supports up to 64 GB RAM which is what I had planned to use. Does the processor's Max Memory limitation mean that I would be wasting my money populating the mobo to its' max RAM capbility?


      It seems a bit counter intuitive that a motherboard specifically designed for the i7-3930K & i7-3960K (also 32 GB Max Memory) processors would support more RAM than the processor would allow.


      Can someone shed some light on the Proceesor Max Memory Size parameter and if this means I am prevented for utilizing more than 32 GB RAM on the motherboard?


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated.




      In the event the processor is limted to 32GB of RAM does intel have a motherboard that supports dual i7-3930K or i7-3960K processors? Is that even supported (Multiple i7-3930K/3960K processors)?

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          The processor will support only 32 GB RAM, the only way to use more than that is by installing more than 1 physical processor on your motherboard (if the motherboard allows it), and also the motherboard most use separate memory banks, otherwise the system will still see only 32 GB RAM.

          None of our motherboards support dual Intel Core i7 3930K processors, so at this point I would suggest contacting any third party motherboard manufacturer to see if they have that option.

          If you need recommendations about an Intel server system, I would suggest sending an email to the Intel server support department at:


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            Thanks Adolfo,


            I'll look into 3rd party motherboards although I prefer to only use Intel whenever possible. I did spot check some of your Xeon processors and saw the same Max Memory limit.


            I do appreciate the fast response.



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              The CPUz are limited to 32GB , I would sugest , 32 GB DDR3-1600 for a stable sys . with the new CPU that should be plenty.

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                I think the 64 GB is reserved for products that have not been released yet.

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                  Don't pay any attention to these so called "experts".  Intel ain't got a clue as to what this thing will, or won't do.  I asked the same question you did, and got the same answer.  And computers are just a hobby for this old man.  I wonder what a pro could do w/ this thing.


                  My DX79SI / i7-3930K has 64GB G.SKill F3-12800CL10Q-64GBZ and it works great.  (see screens attached)


                  Furthermore, it's occt 4.0 stable @ 4.9GHz at a MEASURED 1.377 CPU core voltage.  Even boot's in and runs some benches @ 50 x 100 w/ cpu core set at 1.44v.


                  Running it 24/7 at the canned bios 4.6GHz setting, MEASURED 1.342V.  Mem @ 1.5V, 10-10-10-30.


                  And this is not a "benching" build.  This is with a 1/2 dozen programs running in the background like Kaspersky & AIDA64 for ALL benches.


                  It's incredible at video editing.  See cinebench and frybench screens attached.


                  And on top of that, it's got an Intel RT3WB080 x8 raid card w/ 8-1TB Samsung HD103SJ's attached in a raid5 array. It's been bulletproof and has been connected and running since the 1st boot.  Intel's "experts" also told me that IT wouldn't work.


                  1 (9).JPG

                  1 (8).JPG


                  cinebench cpu.jpg



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                    I have another question related to the i7-3930K Processor Memory.  The spec states that this chip supports Memory Types     DDR3-1600. 

                    Is it safe to assume that I would be wasting my money getting  DDR3 1866?  Should I just stick w/1600?





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                      If the processor supports up to 1600 MHz, then installing higher RAM will not make difference, since the RAM will be limited to 1600 MHz, so personally I would suggest buying 1600 MHz RAM.

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                        Thanks for your reponse.  Even though the upgrade cost from 1600 to 1866 was minimal (<$50) why waste the money!

                        Thanks again.