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    Graphics problems on DH67BL


      we have a customer with display issues on the DH67BL board with integrated graphics , windows 7 HP, one 20" monitor


      we experienced the same problem in the workshop on a different monitor.


      The issue is lines across the screen and the PC freezes.


      I have updated bios to current version, checked all driver updates, updated graphics driver to current


      the issue is different, less lines, but still a major problem.


      we need urgent advice on this as we have an unhappy customer!!

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          This is a community forum and not Intel tech support but you could try the shiny new BIOS update just released after your post - who know's if the first flash made things a bit better, maybe this'll eliminate the lines altogether?


          Now that the CPU incorporates graphics capabilities with many of the latest desktop processors, are all the CPU socket pins in good order and untouched by human hand/finger etc (to prevent skin oils causing insulating properties and corrosion etc)? Are all the connectors in the monitor socket looking in good order and undamaged?

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            yes this is a new PC.


            the error only happens when using visual programs such as photo editing etc.