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    DB65AL Double Startup !?


      Hi guys,

      I experience since some days problems with my Intel board: Mainboard is powered with energy and turned off. If I now press the power button to turn the board on. It turns on for 1-2 seconds (HDD tries to spin up, LED indicator lights up etc.), turn off completely and then after 1 second turns on again (without touching anything) and boot regulary. Well this behaviour is VERY annyoing because I don't think this is very good for all components inside especially the HDD!


      I had this behaviour already before when I switched my PC on and off by cutting the energy completely. I set up in BIOS "Power On after AC Loss" but after I realised that the board does turn on two times I left my PC on power all time and switched on with the common power switch from the board. This worked well now for around 1-2 month and now it also began to start twice! Very annoying. Is that "normal" behaviour?


      I've the newest update installed already since publishing. Furthermore I cannot say that I recently did any changes at my system. At least I didn't enter the BIOS-Menu since some weeks.


      Thanks for your support.