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    Delete RAID 1 volume with preserving data




      I am using the intel matrix controller and I have 3 hard drives divided as follow :

      300GB WD as c: drive (non-raid)

      2x 1TB Seagate drive as d: in RAID 1


      I would like to delete my raid volume so I can use the 2TB total space in a non-raid environment. Is that possible without loosing the data on the raid volume?


      I was thinking about removing one hard drive, rebuilt the array on the remaining one and reinsert the hard drive afterward, would that work? Or can I simply "reset a disk to non-raid" in the CTRL-I intel matrix menu?




      P.S. Backup is not possible at the moment since I don't have a spare hard drive big enough and I'm trying to save money by "unraiding" my disks to get more space.