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    RS2BL040 RAID Controller Fast Path



                      We recently purchased a RS2BL040 RAID Controller, expecting to be able to use a Premium Feature Key to enable Fast Path. We bought separately a AXXRPFKSSD2. The printed manual that came with the AXXRPFKSSD2 explains that it is does not fit the RS2BL040 RAID Controller. Instead the printed manual states that the AXXRPFKSSD Premium Feature Key should be used for the RS2BL040 RAID Controller. It also provides a link to the following documentation:


      The images of the RAID controller board don’t match what we have.


      Additionally, the Intel® RAID Controller RS2BL040 Hardware User’s Guide:


      does not mention RAID Controller Premium Feature Key set up. In fact the section “3 Intel® RAID Controller RS2BL040 Characteristics” on page 13 shows the jumper and connectors on the board. There is no sign of any connector for the  AXXRPFKSSD Premium Feature Key.


      So, basically we are very confused. We seem to have purchased a version of the RS2BL040 RAID Controller that does not support Fast Path. Could anyone please explain what has gone wrong.



                      Chris Spooner.