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    DH67CL could not initiaze with 2nd nic


      i am trying to  install only one pci nic.- i tried 3com,intel pro and several other nics on board it install them successfully.


      but as i insert lan cable jack into my dh67cl pci nic ,sytem hangs and restart itself and loop start begins.

      the other end of cable is already connected to other pc.

      board dh67cl

      processor 2330 -i5-3.0

      ram kingston 8gb


      kindly tell me how can i run 2nd lan card into my system .

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          Are you using a crossover wired Ethernet cable (useful if connecting PC to PC directly) otherwise can you put a hub or switch in between and if so, how does it go then? Have you gone into the motherboards BIOS (and if possible the NICs drivers) to ensure the NIC isn't attempting to Boot from LAN or conflicting with the normal order of the BIOS (or are these all NICs without the ability to Boot from a Lan)? Finally, certain Sandybridge boards have issues with some PCI cards, have you tried using a PCI-e NIC?

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            i'm using cross over cable,there is no conflict in my device manager while i insall pci nic in dh67cl both nics works well both can access internt but as i configure and connect either of them (the built in board nic or pci nic) to other pc. system hangs n loop restarts begins.


            As you say there is an pci ISSUE with dh67cl board then how's intel going to support.

            if there is manfecturing fault in mother board can they replace with other one or switch it another model.

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              You'd need to contact Intel tech support about that but I dare say the PCI slot 'issues' are not considered (by them) to be a manufacturing fault but are a known side effect of their new design not having an ancient native PCI bus any more.


              What about answers to the rest of my questions - like how does it go if you connect the two PCs via a hub (or switch)? You may even have one of these built into your internet router but if you have to buy one, a basic hub can be found at very low prices. How about trying a PCI-e NIC although I suspect at this stage that the bus 'issue' is not whats causing this behaviour but possibly a PSU/Power related issue where the NICs connections are at different voltages resulting in power going along the ethernet cable in ways it (or the NIC hardware) were not designed to handle. That's why I suggested trying the connection via a hub or switch so it gives you an element of (although not total) seperation.

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                I want to physically setup two network ,using one nic for internet use ,and want to use another nic to connect my other home pc .i don't want to mix both networks with each other.i don't want to use hub or router. in my previous boards DG41WV,DG41IRQ,DG33FB i had use to run that kind of network in my pervious system so why it could not be possible run 2 nics in dh67cl .

                i bought this kind of latest dh67cl with i5 to enhance the cpu power not to decrease the functionaliy of system.

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                  All good points to put to Intel tech support.


                  I suspect if you want to avoid this problem it'd at least be worth trying a hub between the two PCs you want to connect directly to each other - perhaps you know someone that you could borrow a cheap hub from for testing purposes. If that addresses the problem but you still don't want to buy a cheap hub in order to resolve this maybe others here have some ideas.


                  Have you had a look at event viewer to see if that gives any clues as to why you're getting these endless loops after plugging in the ethernet cable? Does it matter which NIC you use for which function ie try swapping their functions so the one that currentl connects with the other PC is used for the other purpose etc. I know this isn't ideal but again if it provides a workaround, as least it keeps you going while (perhaps) Intel could look at a more permanent solution.

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                    Why don't (intel) mention in their website about board speciication clearly what their board supports and what not .i'm not satisfied with thier new dh67cl design now how can i get my refund to buy any other design like Dz68db which i tried is working well with 2 nics.

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                      If you don't want to try out suggestions here to help yourself, there's not much else we can do here - remember this is a community forum and NOT Intel tech support. The community here is also not responsible for Intels product related website so (again) these are questions you need to direct correctly to Intel.


                      I guess you could talk to your supplier if you specifically made it clear at the time of ordering the system that you needed one that'd work with two NICs as you've described otherwise you'll need to ask nicely to see what they suggest or formally try to create a ticket with Intel Tech Support.

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                        Dear i have went through several mothers boards in my life ,never specially demanded from retailer  to need a board which support 2nics all the boards usually support 2nics ,now my retailer says we can not refund we can do this to send it on warranty claim you will get the new dh67cl board .but the same design could not resolve my issue.any how thanks for your support.

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                          I see your predicament but to be fair it's always best to specificy exactly what you want in a new complete system (including software you want to run on it and any hardware you want to be compatible with it) - that way IF the worst happens you have more clought. That said I can see your point about 2 NICs not normally needing special consideration. Maybe it is a manufacturing defect with your particular board or maybe a different AA number (hardware revision) of the board will make a difference. Good luck working out a solution with the retailer - maybe when they rebuild it, they can plug it in to an internet router via one NIC and another PC via the other and see how it goes for them!