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    cooling my i5 system




      I've got the latest MacBook Pro with some kind of heating problem. When ever I use the processor on 100% the fan goes up and the temperature reaches 95 to 100°C. (even with the fan on full speed). I think the problem is design related but I can't change the design nor put a couple more fans inside; so I'm looking for a solution to keep my cpu/gpu cool.


      I've got a I5-2435M (2,4 GHz) and a Intel HD3000.


      First question is: What is hot? What's the critical temperature for my system?


      What happens when it gets too hot? Does it has a hardware thermal shutdown?

      Is it damaging the chips or other hardware when it's running quite hot?

      (Mac OS probably has a software thermal shutdown but you never know if this is working when you use Bootcamp and win7)


      Is it worth looking into disabling the Turbo-Boost, Hyperthreading or underclocking the cpu to get the system running cooler?


      Thanks for your help.