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    DZ68BC   Intel Express Installer CD


      Working on a build useing a DZ68BC motherboard .  The drivers and applications on the provided cd are outdated, as usual. Wondering if there is any compelling reason to utilize the intel express installer program on my system?

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          Funny you should mention that.


          I just finished building a brand new system based around a DZ68BC last Thursday. I figured "Hey, the drivers are on the disc are out of date so I'll just download the latest drivers off the website, throw them on a flash drive and install the latest once Windows* finishes installing".


          Six unstable Windows installs later, I decided to install using the Express Installer off the disc and then run the new drivers to "update" the old ones. 7th time was stable and swift.


          So I figured "Eh, maybe bad downloads/corrupt copy to flash drive/desktop from flash drive". I downloaded the updated drivers again on a different system, burned them on to a disc and once again re-installed Windows, which was stable without any drivers installed. Started installing the downloaded drivers and it got ugly.


          Went back to installing off the disc and then updating after a full format and reinstall and it is again very stable and swift.


          *Windows 7 Professional x64

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            Keeper, your experiences thoroughly confuse me. Which of the downloaded drivers caused the instability, and what kind of instability are you talking about?


            It really should just be a matter of installing the latest chipset driver and only a couple more things after that. I don't know how any of them would cause instability.

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              Thanks for the info, I have downloaded all of the latest drivers and was about to put them on a flash drive and install.  Thought there might be a problem not useing the express installer, after your experience I think I will use it.

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                Howdy rseiler,


                Network driver and the MEI package, specifically, seemed to be the most problematic. I should specify that, in the case of the NIC driver, I was only installing the drivers and not the PROSet software.


                One of the things I had noticed is that the NIC driver installer seemed to spawn a lot of msiexe processes and was installing a ton of Visual C runtimes. It may be different if I had installed the OS with Service Pack 1 rolled in to it but my disc is a release retail copy so I'd have to roll my own with something like vLite.