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    Hardware raid card and memory for the Intel Desktop Board DH61BEB3


      I want to build a homeserver system with the DH61BEB3 and I have an Areca 1231ML pci-e x8 card. Can I use the card on this board or is the slot only for videocards?

      And is this memory compatible for this mb?


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          RAID cards are mainly addressed to server boards, reason why this card in question may or may not work; you may actually want to consult with the respective card manufacturer for compatibility information they could have on their card as well. Furthermore, the PCI-E slot is not solely made for video cards since the PCI-E slot is an Industry Standard. Any PCI-E card installed on the motherboard should be able to work as long as it complies with the motherboard specifications. The Technical Product Specification of the Intel® Desktop Board DH61BE can be found at: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/19714/eng/DH61BE_TechProdSpec02.pdf


          In regards to the memory compatibility, please bear in mind the memory controller is now located on the processor. All processor’s with a memory controller support memory running at 1.5V; the specific supported speed will be indicated at each processor specification site. In order for you to be able to confirm if your system supports 1333MHz memory, please search for your processor model number at the following site: http://ark.intel.com/