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    Future chipset suggestion: USB controller with MSI interrupts




      Can you tell me please how to contact Intel's chipset engineers who work on new chipsets?

      I would like to ask them to add to integrated USB controller support for "Message Signalled Interrupts" (MSI).


      Now USB controller on all Sandy Bridge chipsets and all older chipsets use legacy IOAPIC for interrupts which is bad thing.


      AMD since SB700 southbridge (or earlier - have no docs for chipsets before SB700) can use MSI for USB controller which is great because it increases performance for platform and increases its stability. This makes Intel chipsets' USB controller inferior again comparing to AMD solution. (In the past Intel was using uhci controller for USB 1.1 which was very primitive compared to AMD's smarter ohci implementation).


      Intel dropped this primitive uhci usb which was good move. Now please implement MSI interrupts for USB controller in future chipsets to not lag behind AMD again.


      On AMD platform now everything can use MSI interrupts except hardwired: PS/2 keyboard/mouse, rtc/timer and ACPI interrupts.

      On Intel chipsets only ahci, LAN, integrated ihda audio and GPU can use MSI. The rest is using legacy IOAPIC.


      Intel is the winner making the best CPUs. But on chipsets and GPU AMD is leader. Intel should upgrade its chipsets or drop them and use AMD platform.

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          Here at Intel we truly appreciate your feedback. Our software support and engineering group is working on future generations of controllers that may
          implement this type features. In this case we cannot provide an estimated time for this to happen, but your feedback for sure is important and will be forwarded to higher levels of support.


          Thank you one more time for your interest in our products and how to improve their range of features.

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