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    i7-920 melted from hotness. May I have tips for preventing this with a new 2600k?




      Today my pc shut down and didn't react anymore. When I touched the case, I noticed it was very, very hot. I opened the case and touched the heatsink of my Scythe Katana 3; the temperature of that must've been above 80 degrees Celsius. The system doesn't react to pushings on the powerbutton anymore. After some investigation, I've found out that Intel i7-920 CPU melted from hotness. The i7-920 was the only part in my system that generated noticable heat.

      My system specs are:

      Motherboard: Asrock X58 Extreme

      CPU: Intel i7 920 D0

      CPU Cooling: Scythe Katana 3

      The CPU voltage has never been above stock voltage

      I've had the system running for 6 months.


      I build the system with quiet some dedication. I've put arctic silver thermal paste on the cpu, not too much, not too few, just in the middel like I'm taught. The white plugs of the CPU cooling were well installed on the motherboard.


      The only bad thing I can think of is that I haven't build the system in a case with a great airflow. Just a regular case with some open areas with the CPU cooler aimed at such an open area.


      This was ofcourse a big disappointment for me. Now I'm afraid, that if I will place a i7-2600k in it's place, that it will melt again.

      What can I do to prevent this, besides buying a great cooling case, as this seems necessary with a fast I7-CPU?