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    320 ssd not being recognized by windows 7


                I'm trying to install my ssd into my laptop, using the data migration software.  When I plug the ssd to my computer, using a sata to usb cable, my computer beeps and says installing device drivers.  It then tells me the installation was complete and my mass storage device is available for use.  However, I do not see the external drive anywhere on my computers screen and when I try to run the migration software it tells me that at least one Intel SSD device needs to be attached.  I have tried this on 2 different machines with the same result.  Do I have a defective ssd?



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          Your drive may be fine.  I ran into the same thing with my laptop.  I'm still learning about this stuff, but apparently the migration software won't support usb-to-sata -- it won't recognize the drive.  So you'll need to use a different cloning software -- there's more than one free app, I used Macrium Reflect Disk, which worked fine with a little tweaking.  I had to clone one partition at a time because I was going from a larger to a smaller disk, but once I figure that part out, it was OK.


          Now, of course Win 7 needs to see your drive.  In my case, Win 7 didn't seem to see it since it didn't show up in Windows Explorer.  But, when I went to Control Panel/System and Security/Create and format hard disk partitions (under Administrative Tools), the drive was there as a blank volume. I did a quick format and the disk came alive as the D drive.  Intel migration still didn't see it, but Windows did, and from there I was able to clone.


          Good luck!

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            Thank you so much for answering my question.  You were right in that I needed to go into the format disk partitions and do a format for it to show up, as well as needing different migration software.


            I really appreciate you saving me the headache of saving a perfectly fine drive back!

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              I'm glad it worked.


              I've now installed a couple of these as boot drives (on my desktop and laptop), and each time the process of getting them up had a few more bumps than I hoped for -- Intel's instructions and software could be better.  (I'm 0 for 2 with Intel's migration app.)  But persistence paid off, and the drives themselves are great -- I'm getting the speed I was hoping for.