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    Help me locate this MOBO


      Hello All,


      Can you help me locate a motherboard? I am looking for a dual Xeon 6 core platform for a pro audio/video machine that offers many (like +/- 7) PCIe full length slots. So far, the closest MOBO I have found is a EVGA SR2 which is almost exactlyb like these specs. Suggestions please.
      dual Xeon supports 4 or 6 core, Westmere CPU
      8 memory slots, 1333MHz DIMM Triple channel SDRAM
      TI (Texas Instrument) chipset 1394 (Firewire)
      7 full-length PCIe slots
      NO video
      2x SATAIII + 6x SATAII SAS wouldd be great!
      6-7x USB2, 2x USB3, 2x eSATA
      1x Gigabit LAN port
      7.1 audio
      I have been looking for days and have not located a MOBO that meets all or most of these specs.
      Sincere thanks,