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    processor help!!


      hello guys..

      i have the following system


      core i7 870

      gigabyte h55m motherboard

      gskill ripjaws x 8gb ram

      msi gtx 460 hawk gpu

      500 gb seagate hdd

      corsair gs600 psu


      so heres my problem..

      my pc is very very unstable...it all has been going on since i took my pc in 2010 november...but at that time there were very little symtoms of unstability...

      now after around 1 year.....its getting worse n worse...


      instability symptoms include

      1)random freezing.

      2)random shutoffs and then restarts after 2-3 seconds

      3)some cpu related bsods

      4)computer goes into loops of turning on and off.


      now to remedy these i started looking up the temperature of cpu n saw it was fine not too much i mean it was well below 80c under gaming nall and under 45 when idling or normal desktop usage.


      so i suspected other system parts like gpu psu hdd motherboard etc.


      so i did following things


      1) rma'ed my gpu n got a replacement but problem still persisted.

      2) rma'ed my psu n got a replacement again but still problems persisted.

      3) got a new set of rams and ran memtest 86+ and got no errors on my ram but problem still persisted.

      4) finally i rma'ed my motherboard but still im facing same problem...so im reaching a conclusion that it might be the processor...


      so now i ask u what should i do...some of my freinds who have done cpu rma,told me that if ur processor is booting up n still if i gave it for rma then i will be blacklisted and my warranty wil get void, is it true??

      although my pc boots n runs fine normally but under heavy usage like gaming encoding etc it becomes totally unpredictable...like sometimes im able to use my pc for hours or even days together without any problem and sometimes i get multiple freezes/restarts etc in a single day...


      please help me out here..i dont know what to do.


      thank you for your time....