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    Memory Management Unit and Chipset


      if 64 bit microprocessor can function with enhanced very large memory without the 64 bit nomer , then 32 bit microprocessors could be 16 bit .

      Because software can simulate 32 bit math using carry over Math !!


      If this discussion was started already ,, redirection link is useful.


      PPC-64 bit is in planning.


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          Could you rephrase your question please?  I don’t have a clear picture of your concern yet.

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            I think the poster was saying that what pushed 32-bit out of spotlight , and 64-bit into spotlight  ??


            Because System Software Developer were complaining that value of 64-bit is not Null but Zero ; Perhaps Minus .


            ? AMD about 10 year ago announced the first 64-bit Design with Intel following within 1 year and 1.5 year ?



            32-bit 386 has Cache , or Extended Memory , in the 486 .  Then access to transient memory store or RAM does not require a 64-bit Microprocessor because



            64-bit nomer or name is just the internal memory or Register Memory .  Which is expensive .



            Microprocessor have addressed to MMC or Memory Management Control ( a multiplex circuit ) .



            Would of been doable has augment to System V as Monolithic Kernel and perhap maintained as Lithic Microkernel .