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    SRT -SSD question



      So here is my question on how I am planning on using SRT on my dz68bc.

      I picked up a 60 gig SSD so I am going to reinstall OS.

      What I was thinking is creating a 40 gig and 20 gig partion on the SSD.

      Then to use the 40 gig partition for the OS , 20 gig for SRT.

      I know you have to mount the drive as a RAID, no issues.

      But has any one run this type of setup before?




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          Was given this link with instructions..  Will give it a shot.

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            I have done this on my 90 GB SSD. I don't know if there is a quicker way but what I did was:

            1. Configure SATA mode to RAID in BIOS / UEFI
            2. Install OS on HDD (temporary)
            3. Install Intel INF driver and RapidStorage
            4. Configure SSD for Acceleration (20 GB)
            5. Download the "F6" drivers for OS reinstall and put the on USB drive
            6. Power off and disconect HDD sata cable (so that windows does not use the boot partition on the HDD). Alternatively you can format it with a linux live cd. If you know your way you around can also do this with the windows setup disk (you hasve to get into the administrative console and run diskpart)
            7. Reinstall OS on SSD
            8. When prompted for drive to install, you might not see the SSD partition In that case
              1. click on load driver
              2. Browse to USB drive and select driver
              3. Select the driver from the list
              4. Press Next
              5. REMOVE USB DRIVE before selecting the partition and beginning install
            9. After OS install, again install the Intel INF and RapidStorage drivers
            10. Reconnect HDD and format it (not needed if you only formatted it)
            11. Configure the SDD to accelerate the HDD


            IMHO 40 GB is very small for OS (it's going to be 35 because 60 GB = 53 GiB - formatted size, minus the 20 GB = 18 GiB Cache volume) . You'll have to install all your software on the HDD, and also maybe move your user profile. You can gain some space by running "powercfg -h off" in a cmd box that you must run with administrative rights.

            Also 60 GB SSDs suffer from degraded performance due to small number of chips used (8 chips as opposed to 16 for 120+ GB SSDs)

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              Worked like a charm.. Thanks for the info

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                Glad to be of service. I'm currently having some issues with degraded acceleration performance when resuming from standby, check it out to see if the same happens to you.