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    DZ68BC - Processor Overrides changed but not applied & Bios problems





      First:  maybe its interessting for you if you own this board or want to buy it:


      i have still problems to run memory above 1600Mhz:


      See here:





      Second:  My new problem:



      Processor Overrides changed but not applied


      i changed (bios) the Processor Overrides from none to dynamic and run Prime95 (blend test) to measure what consume more power.

      ( i own a 2500K and dynamic use less power than none)


      Now i changed the 2500K with a 2700K


      now its reverse (its not the problem).


      none (150 Watt) use less power consumption than dynamic (165 Watt).


      now i changed from dynamic to none, because it consumes less power (save bios and so on...) - but the power consumtion is still @ 165 Watt!


      Only when i remove the battery (for lossing all bios changes) and reentering my bios data again,

      only than works none with 150 Watt and not at 165 Watt (witch is the power consumtion of dynamic).



      It looks like the mobo have a lots of trouble with its bios:


      1) sometimes it did not find my Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro during booting the PC. Then it reboots with the message "Keyboard not found",

          after rebooting it seems to be working


      2) the bios wont loading the correct data of the xmp profile of 16GB G.Skill DDR1866CL9 (see @ First my link to topic).

          only with 8GB ist loads the right xmp data - but the memory still wont work.


          Before i replace my 8GB 1600CL9 memory with a voltage of 1,25V to a 16GB 1600CL9 Kit @1,35V ->

         loading the xmp profile - it shows the 1,25V and not the right 1,35V !


         Only if I remove the battery of my mobo - than loading the xmp profile - only then it load and show me the right 1,35V memory voltage!


      3) i have the feeling that you have often to remove the battery of the mainboard if you want sure that your settings really work.



      BTW: i hope you can understand me (i'am from germany), please tell me if something is not understandable.