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    Intel Rapid Storage Available Space = 0 gb?


      I purchased new z68 board, I 5 2500K and OCZ ssd to use Intel Rapid Storage z68 setup.. Been a long time since I wanted to come back to Intel..


      but.. I did...and have a problem?

      although everything looks right.. in system report it shows Size: 56GB  and Available Space: 0 GB.. is this normal?
      I noticed the drive appears no place in Win7(64bit) ..
      So I now don't know if the drive has always been broke or if this is just normal ?


      is there a way to VIEW the cache drive to see if files are actually on it?


      oh btw this is found by hitting HELP and going to system report in Intel Rapid Storage program.. shows everything green checked and ids etc.. but Available Space: 0 GB..???


      Seeing the I5cpu and 8 gb ram is a system boost..I don't know if the SSD is actually working at all other than saying its there?


      Hope this makes sense? confused over:
      NAme: Array_0001
      Size: 56 gb
      Available Space: 0 GB


      I don't know if Available space = 0 because I used whole drive as cache and this is what else is there? or if it's saying it's FULL within a days use which seems odd? sorry.. just trying to figure this part out. never used the drive for anything but this.

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          Well, I used ATT0 disk manager and found that im bursting up to 230 mb/sec on both read and write so I am going to assume the Available just means there is no more space left after caching.  Which would seem righ, I just didn'tknow.. no place actually said what Available Space they are talking about.


          Compared to IDE drives running 45 mb/s and Sata1 at 120 mb/sec I guess I am convinced it is working? I must say.. I5 2500k, z68 mb, HD , SSD and win7 64 has won me over. This is without the fastest system "I" ever owned and everything just feels "right". Sooo Intel.. Im back! More that went the AMD route might/should look back to Intel once again. Good utility.. good direction.. one of the easiest setups I ever made.