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    RSTe - Creation of RAID1 volume while keeping data issue.


      Hi guys,


      Having a problem with the RSTe UI.

      I've got 3 disks, 1 SSD and 2x 2TB satadisks.

      I want to create a 2TB RAID1 set using the satadisks (so far so good).

      The data has to remain on the drive so I can't create the volume from the bios (it only allows overwrite).

      Figured no problem and went into the Intel UI in windows and proceded to configure it there.

      Unfortunately I'm coming across this error :



      The help menu only shows to "Verify that your hardware is properly connected and try recreating the volume."

      Well both drives are working fine with windows so obviously something's wrong.

      Anyone have some tips I can try ?

      Else all the remains is backupping all the data and create the volume from the bios, which I REALLY want to avoid.


      Thanks in advance !