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    Why has the multiplier on my t7700 changed from x12 to x3???????


      Hi there,


      I'm in great need of help with this. Basically my t7700 which should run at 2.4GHz on a multiplier of x12 has changed itself into a t7700 that runs at 0.6GHz on a x3 multiplier. I have Dell XPS M1330, which to my knowledge has no BIOS access to timings / voltages etc. My memory has been affected also.


      On benchmarking the t7700 is running at 25% and memory at 30%. However all the diagnostics i've tried have said the memory and cpu are present and working.



      I'm at a complete loss as to how to proceed? I tried to download the Intel 64 bit processor diagnostic tool but couldn't as i had a newer version of Visual C ++ already installed.


      Every other thing i've tried has failed or merely indicated that the cpu and memory were present.


      Please help.