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    intel HD 2000 (i5 2300) and iiyama ProLite E1700S


      cause my samsung syncmaster 203B died on me today, I was able to have the ProLite of my brother.

      so actually I have 2 of the same monitors. one is connected with vga cable, and the other is connected through DVI. yet the DVI never works or gets regognized unless the drivers are uninstalled and reinstalled and the computer isn't rebooted ._. (my mainboard is the msi H61M-E33

      even if the DVI is only connected it never works unless in the state mentioned above

      Is this simple matter based on lack of driver support?

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          If you confirm that the DVI port works with another monitor (from a different model and manufacturer) the issue you might be having would be a compatibility problem with that particular monitor.


          Possibly the system is having issues detecting the EDID (extended display identification data) from the monitor connected through the DVI port.


          I suggest you to test using the drivers that are provided directly by your system manufacturer and try using another monitor to troubleshoot this issue.

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            well the monitor that died was a samsung syncmaster 203B and worked like a charm (even if power wasn't connected it saw the monitor)

            I've tried 4 different versions of intel HD drivers  including the ones that came with the mainboard DVD

            and with older drivers the samsung also worked without any problems

            the DVI in the E1700S does work whenever I boot up until after the "starting windows message" (It can even see the bios correctly)