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    Possible (and very annoying) graphics driver bug. Anyone else experience this?


      Hi all, I'm experiencing (and have been experiencing for a long time -- ever since I got the system I believe) a very annoying issue in both IE9 and Windows Live Mail on my system. If I use the Verdana font (and likely others, but I haven't tested), the font appears very fuzzy and blurry, like so:




      Here's the weird thing: if I resize the window of either IE9 or Windows Live Mail, even just a pixel, then the problem goes away and Verdana goes back to looking how it looks in all other apps on my system... crisp:




      Unfortunately though, this is only a temporary solution; upon continued use of the app, such as minimizing, maximizing, opening new windows, etc., the problem shows up again and the fonts get all blurry in those two apps once again.


      So my first question is this: can anyone here reproduce this issue? I've got a Core i3-530 and I'm using the integrated Intel HD Graphics w/ the latest drivers (from 10/21/2011, version ClearType is disabled, and all Windows Updates have been installed (I'm using Windows 7 64-bit).


      To reproduce: In WLM, to reproduce it just set your font to Verdana and start composing (or viewing) an e-mail. In IE9, try visiting a site that uses Verdana, such as http://www.microsoft.com/typography/fonts/family.aspx?FID=1 Then, while looking at the text on the page, resize the app's window ever so slightly and you should see the text go from fuzzy/blurry to crisp and clean instantly.


      My second question is, does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this and how I might fix it?