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    Problem burning DVD with  Intel DH67CL -B3 -HP DVD WRITER1260T


      I've been struggling with this problems for months and wasted maybe 100 DVD...


      Burning DVD with the hardware config below is very difficult. Sometimes it succeeds, often it fails.
      Here is the hardware config:
      Intel CPU I5-2330, 3.0 Ghz, 6MB Cache, LGA1155,

      Intel Motherboard DH67CL B3 (Sandybridge, with the latest BIOS DAYED 10/7/2011). (serial number BTCL145001X8) AAG10212-208
      HP Burner 1260T with  the latest firmware
      Sony blank dvd disks


      then i switch the same burner and it successfully burned many DVD on the hardware config below:
      Pentium core2deo -dg43mv (Windows XP)


      So because the blank DVD and the burner worked well on the dg43mv system +Windows XP machine, I ruled out a problem with either the burner or the blank.


      I've installed many operating system on my DH67CL motherboard. Namely : Fedora 15 (64 bits), Fedora 16 (64 bits) , Ubuntu (32 and 64 bits) even Windows 7 ! I've used many different softwares to try to burn DVD. Namely : cdrecord, k3b, brasero, nero4linux, imgburn. They all have a very low success rate burning DVD. Approximate success rate might be one successful DVD burned out of 5 ! (I wasted  DVD each time I burn one).


      I changed the sata cable but it didn't help. I tried plugging the burner in different sata plug on the motherboard but it didn't help.


      So knowing all that, I come to the conclusion that I have a problem with the motherboard. Or at least the motherboard and the burner don't get along very well.



      I tried sending an email to Intel but their web site told me they don't do email support for DH67CL. It's very annoying. I'll have to call them or chat with them. I don't see me "chatting" such a problem. I don't understand why no one else seems to have this problem.


      and also my system (DH67CL)  response sata drives very slow.

      can not install 2nd lan card if i install system reboot again n gain and does not log me on to desktop.

      in bios it also does not show hard in internal esata port

      some time in windows it disappears hard drives in my computer

      these issues are still present in DH67CL after intel upgrade  and resume its production and named it B3 state .


      I thought my experience could help others... I would certainly not to advice any one to buy a DH67CL mother board ...




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