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    Repair install of W2k3 on new M/B-DX58SO2


      Hi, after an apparent H/W failure on the old D975XBX2 M/B I am attempting to change the M/B to a DX58SO2 using the MS Repair method.

      I have slipstreamed the required drivers onto a DVD (as there isn't a floppy) along with the W2k3R2 and the setup proceeds quite happily, it recognises the RAID disks, no problem, completes the copying to the original install for the repair, boots happily into the Win install process, reads the remaining files and then asks me to "Agree the Licence" unfortuanetly however at that stage it seems to be not seeing the USB Keyboard or Mouse ......  The relevant drivers appear to be either on the original CD or have been slipstreamed on from the Intel supplied CD for the drivers (using nLite by the way).


      I've checked that I'm in Legacy USB mode (also tried in normal mode as well),  I've updated the BIOS from 0603 to 0876 just in case but no change, and I'm now running out if ideas any input would be most welcome!  I should add that the Keyboard is working happily under the BIOS and during the Text stage of the setup, but as soon as Windows starts to boot the USB keyboard/mouse are lost, so it sort of looks like a missing driver problem, but the files appear to be on the DVD and you can see them listed (briefly of course) during the copying stage!


      Any thoughts please ?



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          Hi Geoff,


          Just a suggestion - check which USB ports you are plugged into. Do not use the USB 3.0 ports. Plug them in direcly to the read ports (do not us a hub).


          I have only used USB wireless with my DX58SO2 and have never had a problem - Logitech wireless via a unifying receiver.


          But - I am running Win 7 64 ....


          Good luck - hope this helps.



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            Thanks R !  A bit delayed but thought I'd just update the thread.  Turns out that the old Keyboard/Mouse were PS2 and as such the drivers remained in operation - without of course any PS2 ports on the machine (not PnP of course) and ignoring the new USB ports ..... . Finally resolved by installing a fresh copy and then altering the old registry to exclude the PS2 items and include the USB drivers etc.  it was then able to boot and locate the relevant drivers with PnP.  The clues were provided by assistance from the nLite forum, too whom I owe many thanks!  In case its of help to others all the gory details here Change of M/B due to fault under Win2k3 - MSFN Forum - Page 2