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    SSD Cache on Gigabyte Z68 MOB; Why not on Intel DX58SO2?


      A friend has a 120Gb SSD configured as a cache with his Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD5 MOB. Given the 64Gb limit, the SSD is partitioned into two volumes.
      The data in the "Rapid Storage Technology - Option ROM" BIOS is:

      Vol 0     Raid0 (Stripe)     128K     47.8Gb     Bootable

      Vol 1     Raid0 (cache)     128K     64.0Gb     not bootable  (with one HDD is listed as the accelerated volume benefitting from this cache.)


      I have the same 120Gb SSD installed with my Intel DX58SO2 MOB. Try as I might, even upgrading my BIOS to the latest version, my "Rapid Storage Technology - Option ROM" BIOS will not let me configure my SSD as a cache. Is it not possible with the X58 chipset?