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    Intel HD 2000 graphics with DVI


      Hi. Not an expert on graphics -- I bought a Dell Inspiron 620 with Intel i5 2320 running Windows 7 64 bit. The graphics are on the mother board and the only information I can find is  that is Intel HD Graphics. So my problem is my monitor has a DVI connector and no HDMI. I bought a cable to go from HDMI to DVI and it will not display. It boots to the "Starting Windows" display and then goes blank. It appears to be only leading Analog and not digital. The Dell support guys says the videio will only dsiplay hdmi to hdmi, but they also said it would only diaply VGA or digital so I have learned not to trust what they say. Does Intel HD not support DVI monitors? Thanks for any sage advice.

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          Hi there!


          The Intel HD Graphics 2000 supports DVI monitors if both components come with same video port, DVI to DVI... Also supports HDMI ports. But this has to be straight cables for instance: VGA to VGA, HDMI to HDMI and DVI to DVI.




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            Thanks for the reply. That is what the Dell support tech said, but I guess what led me astray was the wide availability of HDMI to DVI adapters. So the signal from the hdmi port is different to what a dvi monitor expects and cannot be "adapted"? I wonder why people make adapters, and why people buy them if that is the case.


            Thanks again.