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    Video Controller (VGA Compatible)


      I have an HP Pro 3130 MT on Windows 7 32-bit and I'm trying to install a driver. In device manager there is one driver that is not installed. It says Video Controller (VGA Compatible).


      When I click on the driver and then "update driver software" I click on search automatically for drivers online, it comes up saying windows has determined that the driver for your device is up to date for "Intel HD Graphics".


      So I go find the driver on the website "Intel" and I download and install it. The Video Controller (VGA Compatible) is still there. I have searched around and tried many different drivers to get this working and none have done so.


      Is there anything I can do?

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          Hi there!


          According to your computer specifications may come with Intel(R) onboard graphics or ATI or Nvidia graphics. If the automatic tool detects Intel HD Graphics, I recommend checking with your computer manufacturer for any other driver available for your computer model.


          Again, it appears that Intel(R) drivers are already installed on your computer.




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            Got the driver to install properly.


            I had to go onto the BIOS and change the graphics option from PCI-E to Onboard.


            I then put the driver on again.


            Then booted it into safe mode, and then it installed correctly.


            Booted it up normaly and I get all the features.