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      Hi, I have a Intel D915GAG Desktop Board. Normally, it can support 4 GB Ram. But When I installing memory, Windows 7 x64 said "4 GB (2.87 GB usable)" Is that normal? How I can use all memory? Is that possible?


      My BIOS detect 4 GB, dxdiag and all other detection memory systems. That's only Windows said only 2.87 GB are usuable...

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          The problem that you are experiencing is because you are using a 32-bit operating system. For using more than 3GB of memory, you need to utilize a 645bit operating system.





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            No. I use a 64-bit operating system. And 645 bits operating system???

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              Hi - I think the 645 is a typo that should be 64. Go to control panel - system and security - system. What does it show for installed memory? Go to task manager - performance tab - resource monitor. What does it show for installed and available? While there you  can also see what is using memory. Regards. Peter

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                Control panel: 4 Gb Ram (2.87 Gb usuable)

                Ressource monitor: installed: 4096 Mb available: 2942 Mb


                And if I remove my video card, I can have 3.2 Gb usuable, but that's not good for games...