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    x520-t2 won't link to dell 10GbaseT


      I have a dell powerconnect 6248 with a 10GbaseT module that works fine with an Intel 10Gb AT server adapter running windows server 2008 r2.  I tried to connect a x520-t2 to the dell switch and it does not link up.  It just continously blinks 5 times and pauses.  I've updated the drivers for the nic, tried both ports, tried 2 working cables which the intel cable test passed, and the switch has the latest firmware.  Again, the 10Gb AT server adapter has no problem.  Is there a trick to getting this x520-t2 to work?  Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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          This sounds like an interoperability problem. Interoperability (IOP) is the capability of products from different 10GBaseT venders to work together. This is the goal of standards-based developments. Of course, IOP requires considerable development and testing. Both the x520-t2 and Dell SW have been rigorously tested with many other 10GBaseT products; however, they may not have been tested together.


          Most-likely, the initial training, which is called startup, is not completing satisfactorily when the x520-t2 is connected to the Dell SW. The initial training must be completed within 2 seconds. During these 2 seconds, the adaptive filters must be trained. If the solution achieved at the end of the 2 seconds is not good enough, startup fails. If startup fails, startup is attempted again. This will happen over and over until startup completes satisfactorily. If startup never satisfactorily completes, the process will go on until the cable is disconnected or power is removed.


          I assume that the 10Gb AT server connected to the Dell SW works for both cables. If so, this validates the cables and shows that the Dell SW can work on both cables.


          I, also, suspect that the x520-t2 worked fine with the 10Gb AT server on both cables. Testing the x520-t2 with the 10Gb AT server would certainly be part of the IOP test for the x520-t2 because the x520-t2 and the 10Gb AT server are both from Intel.


          IOP problems are inevitable with new products. Almost always, IOP problems can be fixed with a simple driver upgrade. The best way to get them fixed is to complain like you have.

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            After further testing, it seems it was a cable or connector issue.  The cables are brand new cat 7 but on certain implementations, working with the connector, I could get a connection.  Still not sure if it's a cable, (happens with more than 1 cable) or the nic connector.  Somehow I suspect the cables, maybe a bad batch, but at least I now know it can work.  I may try a cat 6a cable just for fun.  thanks fmccarthy for an interesting and pertinent read.