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    IRST ???


      Do the IRST any "good" when not using RAID ???

      If i only have one SSD as boot !

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          Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology is recommended to be installed even if you are not using RAID or Intel® Smart Response technology. The reason is that it also loads support for features like Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) and Native Command Queuing (NCQ) which will improve the read and write operations of the hard drives, resulting in improved performance.

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            Yes i know that - but in test of SSD , int´s only the smallest data packaged who is bennefitting and improves ! 2/3 of the testet sizes becomes SLOWER - so therefore i asumed that it mostly come in handy talking about RAID ??

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              I think that in terms of compatibility you are safe with the Microsoft AHCI driver for your SSD (make sure to have it set in BIOS/UEFI as AHCI).

              In short:

              • IDE mode - no need for drivers (but also no TRIM, NCQ etc.)
              • AHCI mode - fine with MS driver
              • RAID mode - should install Intel RST

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                The last IRST "driver" that will start on my GA-Z77X-UD5H/3770K/W7 system is 11.2!  After 11.2 I get a screen full of stuff that says it don't work!  Anyway, I assume that Intel is working on this problem since the Web is full of complaints.  My question is - can I "Install" the latest IRST (11.7) and just disable it in the Services display.  Will this get me the latest drivers installed - just not the IRST service status displays?  I am not using Raid.  Bad idea?  Also, any clue on why IRST 11.2+ will not work on my system would be appreciated.  I have tried disabling the Marvell SATA controller but that did not have any effect.