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    Not able to connect iPhone and iPad to the Intel my WIFI PAN at the same time


      I have created a Intel my WIFI PAN.


      I can connect my iPhone or my iPad seperately to the PAN and use the shared internet connection of my notebook.


      But when I try to connect both at the same time, one of the two devices is not able to get the connection.


      Every time the device which opens the first connection is succesful and the second is disconnected after a few seconds of trying.


      In the window of the administration tool the device is shown as connected one second and then the connection is shown as failed on the device


      iPad and iPhone could be exchanged.. If at first the iPad is connected then the iPhone is not able to connect.

      If at first the iPhone is connected, then the iPad is not able to connect.


      Seperately both devices work, but together only the first one.


      Maybe anybody has a idea or a Intel System Engineer could advice how to trace the attempt of connecting to the PAN and then analyse the problem.


      my system data:

      Lenovo Thinkpad x201 with

      Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 AGN

      Windows 7 Prof. 64-Bit

      Intel My WIFI Utility