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    T5500 Upgrade


      Hi ,

      I have a dell latitude d620 with T5500 processor

      I  ould like to upgrade it.. Could anyone please help me to find a compatible high

      spec processor??  From the spec. i came to know that T5500 is

      Sockets Supported
      PBGA479, PPGA478


      Any help appreciated..



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          I see that you want to upgrade your laptop processor.

          In this case, you need to contact the laptop manufacturer (DELL) so they can provide you a list of fully supported processors for your laptop system. Keep in mind that since the processors are available in socket 478 and 479, you also need to check with the laptop manufacturer the type of socket on your laptop, and since the compatibility is determined by the laptop manufacturer, and not by the processor manufacturer, only them can provide you the list of supported processors for their laptop systems.

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            I had a T5500 in my HP DV9000, Up graded to a T7200 No problem , you just have to make sure that the FSB spec Matches . Also added a SSD that made a bigger difference in performance than the CPU change. If you are still running a 5200RPM  Hard drive you won't see much improvement , But after adding the T7200 and the SSD , Now it's pretty fast.and very stable , P/S The T7200 will run windows 7 64 Bit.

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              Thank you Adolfo for the reply.. Its very difficult to get an answer from the manufacturers..

              thats why i tried here in intel forum..Thank you

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                Hi robert, Thank you for the answer.. so t7200 is compatible.. is it the fastest processor

                which is compatible for the same socket??

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                  Yes that has been my experince , But you can go to the MFG. website and look at the parts list to see if the T7200 is on the list as a Option.

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                    The T7200 should work My board is a Intel 945GM also.

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                      Which DV9000?  I have the DV9030US.  Yes, it is fairly slow, but one reason is that it is maxxed out at 2 GB of ram.  But I'd love to upgrade to a T7200 if not too difficult.  I've never had that part of the laptop open so have no clue how hard this is.  I also don't know which socket - 478 or 479, or FSB speed (though that should all be easy to check).  To me though it seems a waste unless one can increase ram.


                      I'm also considering replacing the primary 100GB sata drive that came in it with a much newer 320gb scorpio black.  That might help some.



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                        The other up-grades I did was replace the primary HD with a SSD , Made a big difference. The mother board must be removed to replace CPU , Big Job , about 132 screws. and problematic ribbon cables.and if you are going to do this , The DV9000 have a design problem , you will need to get a shim kit available on Ebay cheap . You install the CPU remove the sponge pad and using a feeler gage to measure the gap so you can install the right shimms. . My DV 9000 US runs at 23C all day long. it's a good fix.  Buy the way the drives are SATA 2 , keep in mind when getting drives I used a western digital 128 GB for prim and a carviar black 320GB for second drive . Fresh install of windows 7 Home Prem 64 BIT . Machine runs like new .