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    D945GSEJT warranty question.


      When I contacted the company from whom I bought this board, D945GSEJT, I was told that because it is EOL several months ago that there is no longer a warranty on it, even though I bought the board only 10 months ago.


      The board was in service when it began producing an error that caused a part of a running application to stop. The OS is CentOS Linux 5.3, the application is Asterisk and the associated process that failed is Zaptel. Zaptel uses a file called ZTdummy when there is no external timing source. ZTdummy gets its timing from the USB bus. Zaptel stopped running while the board was in use. Changes I make to the BIOS setup will not stop the error. I think there is a problem with the USB bus.


      Is the board still under warranty? How do I get a replacement if I still can?

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          If there's only a problem with the USB system why not just fit a PCI USB 2.0 adapter card - they're cheap enough? Does the board work fine with common garden Windows?


          It'll depend what country you live in as to what your rights are but here in the UK the retailer who sold the board is responsible for seeing the customer right in the event of things that would normally come under a warranty claim.


          Have a look at the receipt that came with the board, that may explain the warranty conditions.