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    Please improve VAAPI support for Linux


      Hello community and Intel developers,


      I have a HTPC running on a Core i3-330M with built-in IGP which I want to use as a media PC. Under Windows everything works fine - HDTV and HD playback is no problem.


      But now I want to setup a HTPC with Linux (XBMC PVR) and read that there is the so called VAAPI support. But my experiences in the last days weren't that good.


      While HD videos are played without any problems, there are some issues with HDTV. The driver often fails to decode TV channels and shows green picture and even HD deinterlacing is sometimes very buggy.


      So I wanted to ask the developers if there are any plans to improve VAAPI support by Intel since nVidia is currently leading the situation with VDPAU.


      Thanks in advance!