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    intel gm45


      hello i want to upgrade my laptop and my chipset is intel gm45 and i wonder does it support ati mobility 5650 or 5730, can i use these graphic cards with gm45. thanks for your answers 

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          In regards with your inquiry, the graphics controller of your Laptop belongs to Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family therefore it is not compatible with any ATI Mobility graphics chip, since my point of view this upgrade could not be done however in order to confirm it I recommend you contacting the Laptop manufacturer because they have more information about the specifications of this equipment.


          You can find more information about this Intel Chipset here:








          Dago MC.

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            thanks for the answer i send a email to my manufacturer about this situation, by the way on my gm45 i use now ati mobility 4650 and they told me it is impossible to upgrade your graphic card and then i talked some guy from toshiba service, this time he told me "we can upgrade your graphic card but it would be so expensive" but he did not mention which card he could upgrade because of that i wonder is it possible or not