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    SE440BX-2 BIOS Upgrade with IFlash on floppy


      I downloaded the BIOS upgrade instruction pdf and under  the section on running IFlash from a floppy it says to double-click on RUN.BAT. Running the SE2BIO17.EXE file produces the required files including BIOS.EXE. When creating the necessary upgrade files by running "BIOS a:" from the DOS command prompt to a formatted bootable floppy you receive a text prompt that the existing AUTOEXEC.BAT file will be overwritten. When answering "y" all files are extracted to the floppy as expected.


      Inspecting the files on the floppy reveals there is no RUN.BAT as mentioned in the upgrade instruction pdf. When attempting to upgrade the BIOS using the floppy, it doesn't work. The reason appears to be due to the new AUTOEXEC.BAT not including necessary instructions which are provided in the original AUTOEXEC.BAT which is created when the floppy was created using the command prompt.


      When inspecting the original AUTOEXEC.BAT file on the newly made bootable floppy it contains these lines;


      mode con codepage prepare=((850) ega.cpi)

      mode con codepage select=850

      keyb us,, keyboard.sys


      Running "BIOS a:" creates the new AUTOEXEC.BAT which does not include these lines and without them the BIOS upgrade floppy doesn't work. After manually editing these 3 lines back into the AUTOEXEC.BAT file created by BIOS.EXE and rebooting the target computer to the floppy, the BIOS upgrade works perfectly.

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          What OS are you running on this board? I suspect the way the floppy is created (with whatever options) may be dependant on current Autoexec.bat and system files. Glad you managed to figure out the required steps to successfully perform the flash - more to the point, has this now fixed the issue that was your reason for flashing in the first place? In my experience with regular PCs using DOS boot disks to flash, there isn't even an autoexec.bat thats needed and just running the flashing executable is enough to get the job done. I've always used standard US keyboard settings and language and regular monitors so the environmental variables you've listed haven't really been needed - that's often only essential for very old or non-US/other language setups.