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    82579V & Intel Network Connections 16.8 Problem




      I have the Intel 82579V Gigabit NIC which is integrated in the Asus Sabertooth P67 rev 3.0 and any time I try to install the drivers for it (specifically Intel Network Connections 16.8) it can't identify the NIC correctly. What happens is this: I install the driver and it identifies the NIC fine and internet works but when I restart my computer it misidentifies it as some 82579LM (not sure if the number is correct but LM is at the end for sure) and internet doesn't work. I've tried a few different things and can't fix it. Went back to Intel Network Connections 16.7 drivers and everything is fine with those. I'm posting this so you can guys work out the problem and fix it in the next version release of the drivers.