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    What is too hot for i5 processor?


      Have just assembled two identical new desk top machines.  Both have i5 processors running in basc clock speed with Intel cooling fans.  Both have the same power supplys (Sparkle gold class-750 watt) on ASUS P8Z68 mother boards.  The only difference is in the vidio cards.  Both are running side by side in a cool room.  One machine shows a cpu temp of 80 degrees fahrenheit and the other shows a cpu temp of 130 degrees fahrenheit, both cpus on idle.  The temps are the ones that come up with the bios setting.  All voltages are equal, within .03 volts, both fan spees are equal, within 30 rpm.  My thought is to swap the cpus between the machines, then to swap the fans in an attempt to isolate the issue (problem?).  My questions are:

      1.  Is 130 degrees on the cpu too hot?

      2.  If it is too hot, what is the best way to release the nylon pins holding the Intel cooling fans to the mother board?

      3.  If the heat problem transfers between the machines with the transfer of the cpu is that a warranty issue?

      4.  Intel did not provide any heat transfer paste with the fans, should I use some?

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          as i was reading through the start of your post i was thinking maybe the cpu with the higher temp doesnt have enough heat paste but as i got to the bottom i was shocked to read you didnt use any thermal paste on your cpu's?? you should allways use thermal paste on any cpu installation might help getteing a bigger cpu cooler its a cheep upgrade and i may prolong the life of your cpu's