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    3930k loses power to usb keyboard during post and at random times


      this is on a brand new EVGA x79FTW board with 16 gigs of corsair dominator ram. this is the second board to do the exact same things. while booting in it will see the keyboard connect it and then drop the connection, which does not allow me to enter bios. the only way to get into bios is to disconnect the hard drives and when I get the no hard drive error in bios hit f1 then I can enter bios.


      I have tried 3 differnet PSU all over 1000 watts gold certified

      4 keyboards

      3 mice

      2 sets of ram on vengeance and one dominator

      disconnected all peripherals

      different GPUs
      3 different  solid state hard drives

      replaced all the cables in the box
      if I try to run prime 95 the cpu temperature goes to 50c and warning tone is emitted from the MB


      since the processor is the only thing I have not changed I am leaning towards that to be the culprit