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    Intel HD Craphics & HDMI connection


      i have a huge problem!!



      when i plugged in HDMI cable from my LED TV it worked fine, but then i accidently changed some "Hz" Settings from "HD Graphics menu" so now, when i plug in HDMI cable, my screen goes blank and i can't see anything, Sometimes my screen is Flashing, and i noticed than my Windows 7 x64 said this message! "Intel HD Graphics Stopped working".... then i just have to boot my PC and my screen works fine.. So Please help me! i've tried re-installing and configuring.. but my PC <-> LED TV connection is not working correctly! so is there any reset config? downloadable? i give more information from my PC if you need to.

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          In regards with your inquiry, I recommend you the following:


          * Uninstall the Intel graphics driver

          * Boot your system with the PnP Windows* graphics driver

          * Install the latest driver for your LED TV.

          * Install the Intel graphics driver and check it out

          * Additionally you may try restoring the BIOS settings of your system.


          If you want to try our Intel graphics driver is here:




          Remember this driver is generic, the one you have in your system installation disk has been customized by your system manufacturer for your equipment.





          Dago MC.

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