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    Intel GMA 4500M playing Left 4 Dead 2 (Driver Issue)


      My laptop specs:

      Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit

      Intel Pentium Dual-Core T3400 2.0ghz

      Intel GMA 4500M

      2GB DDR2 RAM

      250GB HDD


      I have driver issues when playing Left 4 Dead 2. My laptop has Intel's 4 Series Express Chipset.


      With the original OEM drivers (

      - Menus works!

      - The game loads and plays (5-15 fps), slow, but plays.


      With Intel's Chipset Drivers (

      - Menus works!

      - L4D2 loads and runs, but runs strangely. The game runs normally one second, then another second it slows down, runs normally the next second, then slows down for another second. This pattern alternates. It is almost like stop and go traffic (analogy).


      With Intel's LATEST/NEWEST Chipset Drivers (

      - Menus work perfectly normal.

      - After the game finishes loading the game (after loading screen), the game immediately freezes. Black screen, sounds like a jackhammer.

      - Game fails to run.


      Please fix this driver issue. It seems as though the newer the driver, the worser the games run.



      PS - Trying to find a way to register and post something on your forums is very difficult. Very very difficult!